Kenya: Martha Karua - I Am Going to Be the Next President

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Kenya: Martha Karua - I Am Going to Be the Next President

The detractors' script reads Martha Karua is a intransigent, tough, hard, mean lady and we saw this in the lead up to the coalition government and she has tried to soften her stand by wearing African prints, by going into studios to perform with rap musicians, by speaking in Kiswahili all the time.  Once she is in power she is going to be mean and dictatorial in her own right.

You rightly said that's the detractors' script. African prints are part of us, these are things I have worn ever since I entered the campaign trail in 1992. Maybe not all the time but those who remember me know that I always have campaigned in African prints and that in 2003 when we entered government, it was my main attire. I have come back to it, I am seeking the top position of this country. I want my identity as an African woman, as an African leading an African nation. And about going to studios, dance is part of our culture; my campaign is always song and dance, so the public may not have seen me dancing because the scenes that are taken to them by the media will be parliament, taking tough stand...

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