Kenya: Women in Plea to 'Use My Ballot Not My Body'

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Kenya: Women in Plea to 'Use My Ballot Not My Body'

The three women sit around a table tackling their breakfast at a five-star city hotel. One in a black T-Shirt, a red skirt, white rubber shoes and with her hair held up in a bun by a red cloth.

The second sits in a black skirt and red T-Shirt and the third in a grey skirt suit and a red T-Shirt. Their T-Shirts read the same, 'use my ballot not my body' but that is not the only thing they have in common. All three are rape victims or as they prefer to be called, rape survivors; two of them having been raped in the violence the followed the last general elections.

Another general election looms just three months away and that is why the women are here today; to share their stories. Stories they hope will get the government to act and keep the horrors they lived through from happening to someone else.

Read more at All Africa, published 23 November 2012.