Namibia: ICT assessment for rural women parliamentarians

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Namibia: ICT assessment for rural women parliamentarians


The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) recently conducted an ICT assessment of rural women parliamentarians with male as partners as a means to identify the basic needs of information technologies.

The ICT assessment was also intended to interrogate accessibility and usage of internet, computer, smartphone, laptop, online media, tablet, email or other skills of new digital devices for the improvement in quality of life among rural women parliamentarians.

As promised in response to the National Council request, MICT conducted a needs assessment to meet with Rural Women Parliamentarians with Male as Partners to assess the basic information and communication technology empowering tools and skills gap that are available and unavailable, and the application of skills after training for rural empowerment.

The assessment was also meant to identify their needs by means of a questionnaire, according to Roselia Penda, the MICT director of Audio, Visual Media and Regional Offices at the assessment session in the National Council.

“The MICT included the assessment as a target activity for the ministerial 2019/20 annual plan implementation of the overall outcome of the information and communication technology training to be conducted eventually. The honourables are to provide information by completing an attendance register that will be developed into skills profile for the participants, while the completed training needs questionnaire will be analyzed in order to identity and assist in creating a customized participants-needs based course and scheduling of training session, as well as identification of training partners and sponsors,” she said.

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