Nepal: Landmark bill to boost women candidacy in polls

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Nepal: Landmark bill to boost women candidacy in polls


The Kathmandu Post

Election Commission is drafting a bill to increase women’s candidacy in all three tiers of government by a third.

At least one third of the elected representatives in the federal parliament must be women, as per the Constitution of Nepal. The constitutional provision has been met so far by inducting women representatives through proportional representation.

The parties have always prioritised male candidates over female in the first-past-the-post (FPTP) elections. Despite pressure from women leaders from across the political spectrum, their share has always been low in direct elections.

Among 2,412 candidates for the FPTP system of elections for the House of Representatives in November, only 225 (9.33 percent) were female, while over 90 percent (2,187) were male. In the provincial assembly elections, only 280 of the 3,224 candidates for the 330 seats in play were women.

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