NIGERIA: Why Media Coverage of Women in Politics Is Poor

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NIGERIA: Why Media Coverage of Women in Politics Is Poor

The media plays a crucial role in the political or electoral process. It's the ears and eyes of the public and help mould perceptions. 

People rely on it for information on making decisions on a range of issues such as choosing their political leaders, informing them about their activities, mandate of political campaigns and giving them effective coverage while in office.

This also makes it a veritable channel for promoting women's participation in politics in the face of the factors hampering their participation in the country. However, the level of coverage given to women politicians in the media in the country is still poor and replete with stereotypes and other challenges. The limited visibility contributes to the poor showing for women at the polls, and fans the reluctance of political parties to have them as candidates thereby feeding into a vicious circle of low political representation for women.

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