Paraguay's women battle to break political glass ceiling

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Paraguay's women battle to break political glass ceiling


Soledad Nunez, Paraguay's opposition vice presidential candidate and running mate of the presidential candidate Efrain Alegre, talks to Reuters ahead of the national elections, in Asuncion, Paraguay April 18, 2023. REUTERS/Cesar Olmedo

ASUNCION (Reuters) - In Paraguay's election on Sunday, Soledad Nunez, a 40-year-old engineer and former minister, is looking to break into the South American country's male-dominated political arena as its first elected female vice president.

Paraguay - which has a reputation for misogynist 'machista' culture even within the often conservative region - has been tough for women seeking to enter politics. Only 15% of lawmakers are women, below the Latin American regional average of around a third.

At the last election five years ago, only one of the candidates for president or vice president was a woman. But there are signs of change, with seven female candidates out of 26 this time around.

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