Parliament has record number of women, Ukraine

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Parliament has record number of women, Ukraine

Ukraine’s new parliament has the highest number of female lawmakers in history. There are 50 of them, or 12 percent of the 421 lawmakers. They are also more educated, eloquent and elegant than ever before.

All women lawmakers in this parliament have higher education. A large share of them (15) have law degrees, 13 have economics education, five are doctors, and another five are journalists by education. There is also a singer, a soldier, an architect and a biologist in their group.

Ukraine’s first parliament after independence had only 11 women, or 2.3 percent of the total number. Political analyst Vadym Karasyov says every year women become more visible in politics, which indicates that society moves away from traditional patriarchal basis. It “means that we are becoming a modern society where a woman takes a proactive position and competes with men equally,” he says.

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