People "less apathetic" to women leaders, Indonesia

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People "less apathetic" to women leaders, Indonesia

Attitudes toward female leadership have changed ahead of the 2014 legislative election, as people have begun to be less apathetic toward them, activists working across Indonesia have said.

Sutriyatmi of the Indonesian Womens’ Coalition (KPI) said on Friday that people in areas that lacked sufficient public services appreciated the work of local women, who helped residents access valuable resources and services. Compared to the 2009 election, when many were still indifferent toward women candidates, Sutriyatmi said she hardly ever heard: “What can she really do?”

In a number of areas in East and West Nusa Tenggara, she said, it was the women who helped villagers source the scarcely available seeds ahead of the planting season, as well as helping them to apply for national health insurance (JKN).

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