Politics – no easy walk for women, Zimbabwe

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Politics – no easy walk for women, Zimbabwe

Women’s participation in politics remains low due to several bottlenecks hindering efforts to ensure that men and women share 50% representation in the political arena by 2015 in line with the Sadc Protocol on Gender and Development.

Women in Zimbabwe have raised concern that the political field in the country was too “blood-soaked” for their comfort and there was need to humanise the political space so that it could be attractive to them.

Zanu PF’s MP for Goromonzi West, Beatrice Nyamupinga, says while there is need for women in politics and those in the civic society to close ranks and join forces, the fact that the women have to be in political party structures to participate was often a drawback.

“We want the fundis to join the party, to be in the structures,” she says, adding that past attempts by the Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development ministry to get “knowledgeable” women, who have much intellectual capital from the civic society into mainstream politics have been thwarted.

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