Politics no stroll in the park for women, Zimbabwe

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Politics no stroll in the park for women, Zimbabwe

Female politicians feel that their male counterparts enjoy more space in the media because they have more resources.

Women Parliamentarians attending a Gender and Elections workshop in Kadoma last week said politics in Zimbabwe was no stroll in the park and acknowledged that they faced many obstacles in achieving representation in governance.

They said their chances of entering the political arena were hindered by a plethora of challenges that revolved around gender stereotyping.

“The media can either pull you down or push you up. We have seen that the media in Zimbabwe shun women politicians and concentrate much on male politicians when it comes to positive reporting”, said Gutu East MP Berita Chikwama.

“You will find that there are certain male MPs who are always in the newspapers and on television week-in and week-out.”
She said she will push for a motion in Parliament for equality of media coverage.


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