She should run is the anthem of NWI pols, USA

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She should run is the anthem of NWI pols, USA

There is an Ethel, a Melanie, a Dana, a Jolie, a Melody, a Nancy, a Judith, and a Margaret who would prefer voters call her Peggy.

Women are all over Lake and Porter county ballots this spring.

Some 51 Democrats and 45 Republicans are competing with men and sometimes other women for the state legislature, county, township and municipal offices May 6.

They represent almost a third of all candidates for public elective offices. More than 25 of them are incumbent officials running for re-election.

Center Township Assessor Kristie L. Dressel said she started politics working the polls for her father, who served as mayor of Harvey.

"He taught me how to work with the public and that a lot of people speak up and say things but they don't do things. He taught me that if you want a difference you have to run, get in office and make changes."

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