Ulasi: The last woman standing, Nigeria

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Ulasi: The last woman standing, Nigeria

It was just fifteen years ago that one woman dazzled the Anambra political establishment to its foundations. Mrs. Joy Emodi, the young, beautiful and articulate lawyer who had won recognition on account of her political prowess was set to upturn the apple cart in the 1998 governorship election having become the most formidable candidate on ground.

It was in a bid to scuttle her chances that one of her ingenious political rivals raised the issue that making Mrs. Emodi governor would be sacrilegious as it would mean her breaking kola nuts that are served during routine meetings with traditional rulers and other elders of the state.

Mrs. Emodi was sharp in responding to her traducers as her campaign sent out the word that if elected she would specially delegate a male commissioner to do the duty of breaking kola nuts!

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