US: Could coronavirus response affect women’s votes?

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US: Could coronavirus response affect women’s votes?


Deborah Bosner was gobsmacked the first time she tuned into Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s near-daily coronavirus briefings and heard his health director, Dr. Amy Acton, speak.

The Upper Arlington business owner spent 13 years working for Battelle and said Acton’s “calm voice” and “digestible explanations” were “just sort of a lighting rod of everything I hold dear in terms of science and evidence-based decision making.”

It wasn’t long before her friends began teasing her about starting an Acton fan club. So, on March 14, Bosner created the Dr. Amy Acton Fan Club Facebook group. The page exploded and grew to more than 134,000 members who fill it with re-enacted press briefings, kids in Acton costumes and even rewritten Aerosmith lyrics that pay homage to the governor and his health director.

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