Women for Change: Two projects in favor of women in South of the Mediterranean win

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Women for Change: Two projects in favor of women in South of the Mediterranean win

The Women for Change award is a joint initiative that started in 2013 by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, the Orange Foundation and Marie Claire. The Women for Change award aims to recognize a number of innovative and game-changing women's projects benefitting and empowering women and girls and to encourage two women by awarding them €25,000 each to improve and expand their projects. For the 2015 Women for Change award, five projects of extraordinary women of the Southern Mediterranean region were running.

Egypt: Lily Fouad Attallah is the Executive Director of the Development Association for Empowering Special Needs (DAESN). Her project will help visually impaired young girls to access the public educational system in part thanks to the training of women “shadow” teachers.

Jordan: Nour Al Emam is a Board Member of the Arab Women and Media Center (AWMC). Her project is to film a documentary as part of a national media campaign to promote the equality of rights for women and men for a larger audience, stakeholders and decision makers.  

Morocco: Nora Fitzgerald Belahcen is the founder and President of the AMAL Association for Culinary Arts. She seeks to create a grant fund meant to help selected beneficiaries to create their own culinary micro-businesses.

Spain: Rocio Nieto is the founder and President of the Association for the Prevention, Rehabilitation and Care for Women Prostitutes (APRAMP). The main objective of her project is to train social workers to join the team’s mobile unit in Madrid.

Tunisia: Khedija El Madani is the founder and President of the Association for Vigilance and Equal Opportunities (AVEC). She aims to establish an updated database on gender inequality following a study in the 24 Tunisian governorates.

These profiles were submitted to the votes of more than 20,000 internet users between the 15 of September to the 15 of October.  These votes allowed the project of Khedija El Madani from Tunisia to receive the Internet Users Award in Deauville on October 16. The other winner is Nora Fitzgerald Belhacen from Morocco as she received the Judges’ Award, which also comes with €25,000 in aid from the Orange Foundation. 

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