Women fight for political relevance in Zimbabwe

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Women fight for political relevance in Zimbabwe

Women in Mutare have added their voices on the growing calls for women to register and vote for female candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Women from various districts in the Manicaland province who attended a voter registration awareness workshop in Mutare on 30 August 2017 organised by Women Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCZ) said despite the violence against women at election time, they were geared to fight for their political relevance.

Selina Tabveseri from WCZ encouraged women to fight for their voting rights.

“As the election nears I want to urge all the women to go and register as voters so that we can all exercise our right to vote. As women we should remove the fear that is associated with pre-election violence,” Tabveseri.

Annia Muroiwa said violence in Zimbabwean politics made it impossible for women to even come close to politics.

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