Women outnumber men at Westminster on #AskHerToStandDay

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Women outnumber men at Westminster on #AskHerToStandDay


Hundreds of women from all walks of life descended on Westminster on Wednesday, to mark the moment women first got the right to stand for parliament 100 years ago.

At the final count, 317 women came to the Houses of Parliament to visit 238 MPs as part of #AskHerToStandDay, and were bombarded with messages of positivity to encourage them to consider a career in politics.

It was billed as the first time women outnumbered men at Westminster, and it was easy to believe as potential MPs from all over the country milled around the palace’s committee rooms and gathered for a vast photoshoot to celebrate the centenary of the Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act.

Charlotte Besant, 26, was on a day off from her job in a box office and had contacted her MP after reading about the event in a magazine. “I want to be more involved, but I didn’t know where to start and what the best way of going about it was,” she said. “Today has been amazing for finding out how it works, how you start and what might be possible.”

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