Women in politics face 'daily' abuse on social media

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Women in politics face 'daily' abuse on social media


Women in politics have spoken of their experiences of dealing with sexism and hatred on social media while voicing their political opinions.

Gender equality charity Chwarae Teg said it feared a growing number of women were being put off standing for election due to online abuse.

Two young women in politics have spoken about their experiences facing online abuse to the BBC's Politics Wales.

One member of the Labour Party, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she had to deal with sexist attacks on social media every day.

"I get called a whore, that I'm a slut, that I should put my tits away, that I'm unintelligent, that I'm an idiot, that I should go away and bake a cake instead - which was my personal favourite," she said.

"[They claim] I'm uneducated, I have no place in politics, and you get this daily, it's recurrent."

Click here to read the full article published by BBC on 24 May 2020.

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