Women supported Zanu PF out of fear: Study (Zimbabwe)

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Women supported Zanu PF out of fear: Study (Zimbabwe)

A REGIONAL research body, Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU), has said although Zimbabwean women are largely marginalised, they still exerted a lot of influence through voting even in the face of serious fears about violence during elections.


RAU, in a study by Carolyn Logan and Michael Bratton entitled: Women and Elections in Zimbabwe: Insights from the Afrobarometer, said rural women were supportive of traditional leadership and Zanu PF due to fear of violence.
RAU said overall, Zimbabwean women supported the notion of democracy, but rejected one-party government and strongly rejected dictatorship.

“Women in Zimbabwe may be marginalised in virtually all aspects of public and political life, but they do exert an influence through their voting as there was enormous improvement in the rate of voting by the women in 2013,” the research body said.

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