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THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, left, gestures during a press conference with COVID-19 Response Minister Ayesha Verrall in Wellington, New Zealand, on Sept. 12, 2022.
October 6, 2022
Women are better at leading countries than men, survey respondents say
By Madeline Fitzgerald India had the largest share of respondents agreeing that countries led by women are better managed, according to a U.S. News survey. Women serve as elected heads of state or government in only 28 countries, according to the U.N. But a survey suggests the global public might...
The "women not afraid to fight" movement. Image courtesy of Mídia Ninja
October 6, 2022
Brazil’s ghost candidates: How politicians abuse a law meant to encourage women in politics
Despite being 53% of eligible voters, participation of women in Brazilian politics is still much lower compared to men. A law created in the 1990s aimed to increase the number of female candidates per election, but the law has been abused by politicians to syphon resources and register ghost...
Quotas: Band-aid or magic bullet? (Apple Podcasts)
October 6, 2022
Quotas: Band-aid or magic bullet?
Fixing discrimination isn't as easy as putting anti-discrimination laws on the books. But, there is a tool that can at least chip away at the effects of discrimination: quotas. Over 130 countries have adopted gender quotas…and around one-quarter of the world uses some form of affirmative action...
UNDP Lebanon
October 4, 2022
Lebanon: 2022 Parliamentary Elections Monitoring Report – From a Gender Perspective
In in the context of promoting democracy, equality and equal opportunities, UNDP partnered with the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) to develop a report on observing parliamentary elections from a gender perspective in order to promote women’s rights and political participation...
Promoting inclusion and diversity in parliamentary public engagement (IPU Logo)
October 4, 2022
Promoting inclusion and diversity in parliamentary public engagement
This seminar explores how parliament can promote inclusivity and diversity in their public engagement activity. It presents the Inclusion Checklist of the Global Parliamentary Report on Public engagement in the work of parliament, whilst drawing from examples of how the Parliament of Victoria (...
UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous delivers remarks at the International Conference on Women, Peace and Security in Abu Dhabi on 8 September 2022. Photo: UN Women/Saroj Khadka
October 4, 2022
In the United Arab Emirates, UN Women Executive Director calls for increasing women’s leadership in global peace and security and climate action
UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous carried out a two day mission in the United Arab Emirates, where she delivered opening remarks at the Women, Peace and Security conference held in Abu Dhabi, and met with government officials, civil society representatives and women peace advocates from...
Women MPs at the 144th IPU Assembly in Madrid 2021 (Picture IPU)
September 30, 2022
Generation Equality: IPU milestones one year on
The IPU has made bold commitments and taken steps towards ensuring women and girls’ voices are heard in decision-making, and that young women are politically empowered. The IPU collaborates with strong partners such as the Generation Equality Forum (GEF), a civil society-centered global coalition...
September 28, 2022
UNDP’s Gender Equality Strategy 2022-2025
UNDP’s Gender Equality Strategy 2022-2025, aligned with its Strategic Plan, guides UNDP in its efforts to assist countries in accelerating progress on gender equality and the empowerment of women over the next four years. It aims to move beyond piecemeal efforts and to instead help countries to...
The IPU Forum of Women MPs at the 144th IPU Assembly in Indonesia (IPU)
September 26, 2022
Five ways women parliamentarians can get ahead in politics
As Liz Truss becomes the UK’s next PM, here’s how women parliamentarians can gain ground in politics. Succeeding in politics is tough – succeeding as a woman is even harder. Millions of women around the world face discrimination, sexism and violence, with women parliamentarians being no exception....