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Gender equality and the Summit for Democracy - IDEA
March 8, 2022
Gender equality and the Summit for Democracy
Political gender equality is a central pillar of democracy, as all people, independently of gender, should have an equal say in political representation and decision-making. In practice, democracies are generally better at guaranteeing gender equality than most non-democratic regimes. According to...
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March 8, 2022
Statement on International Women’s Day
By Ashim Steiner The world wants an end to the tremendous human suffering in Ukraine, with millions of Ukrainians displaced by the conflict. The situation jeopardizes the safety of all Ukrainians and, as with other conflicts in other parts of the world, puts women and girls in particular at...
Escuela de Formación Política para Mujeres Líderes en sesión. 
March 8, 2022
Paraguay: Political training for women helps reduce the representation gap
In a region that has seen the greatest progress in political gender equality in the last two decades, Paraguay stands out, but for the wrong reasons: it has the third-lowest percentage of women in parliament in the Americas, with 17.5%, roughly half the regional average of 33.9%. When considering...
No Democracy without Gender Equality? - Idea
March 7, 2022
No democracy without gender equality?
To celebrate the International Women’s day, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland invites you to join the discussion “No Democracy without Gender Equality?” Gender equality is one of the fundamental elements of democracy, and democracy support is an effective vehicle to drive gender equality...
From left to the right: David Fardo (Youth parliament - PJ); Sheila Manjate (Women Forum - FM); Osman Cossing (Institute for Multiparty Democracy - IMD); António Nhantumbo (Mozambican Association of PwD - ADEMO); Roda Mondlane (Friedrich-Erbert-Stiftung )
March 7, 2022
The contribution of women to and gender issues in the 2021/2022 electoral reform process in Mozambique
After a quarter of a century of democratic experience that followed another 25 years of a revolutionary process that put women’s emancipation at the centre of the revolutionary discourse, women in Mozambique still face social, economic and political exclusions that impact their participation and...
Enhancing Women's Political Participation in Africa- IDEA
March 7, 2022
Enhancing women's political participation in Africa
Enhancing Women's Political Participation in Africa (Women in Political Participation (WPP) is a Pan-African gender project on the different facets of Women and Politics in Africa. Funded by Sida and implemented by International IDEA, it aims to advance gender equality in politics and governance,...
Myanmar’s first post-coup People’s Assembly decides on 30 per cent women’s quota  Image credit: The Myanmar Photo Project Collective 
March 7, 2022
Myanmar’s first post-coup People’s Assembly decides on 30 per cent women’s quota
Women make up over half of Myanmar’s population, yet significant obstacles remain for women to be able to participate in political processes and to achieve equal representation in Myanmar’s state institutions. Before the military coup on 1 February 2021, Myanmar’s 2020 general elections saw an...
Mexico made history by reaching gender parity in parliament for the first time in 2021. © Eyepix/NurPhoto via AFP
March 7, 2022
Women in parliament in 2021: The year in review
The world walked into 2021 with the shadow of COVID-19 looming large over its head. As well as posing a major health risk, the pandemic had also caused economic and social upheaval. Political life had been affected too, from the challenge of holding elections safely to ensuring the smooth working...
Political violence against women: A case from the Central African Republic - MINUSCA
March 7, 2022
Political violence against women: A case from the Central African Republic
Sitting at her desk with the Central African flag behind her, Beatrice Epaye’s sustained gaze hints at courage and determination. And she has both in quantities. While running for a parliamentary seat in the December 2020 election, she recalls the many physical and verbal attacks and threats she...