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A man's game: Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the campaign trail © Louisa GOULIAMAKI / AFP
Women still struggling with boys' club of Greek politics
Athens (AFP) – As the credits rolled on Greek television's long-awaited election debate between the party leaders, one thing united them -- they were all men.While the three battled for three hours over defence spending, unemployment and a...
The Hungarian National Assembly, the country's unicameral parliament, is one of the EU's worst in terms of gender balance.
In Hungary, politics is mainly a man's game
BUDAPEST -- On May 14, 2022, thousands watched as Katalin Novak walked on the red carpet laid in front of the imposing building of the Hungarian parliament. Surrounded by troops dressed in ceremonial garb and horsemen riding white mounts, she took...
House of commons
Women in politics and public life
In both politics and public life in the UK, women have historically been underrepresented. In recent years women’s representation has increased, although in most cases men remain overrepresented, especially in more senior positions.This briefing...
Helping powerful women become women in power
Women are significantly under-represented in Pacific politics. But they're pushing for change
Gloria Julia King is the only female member of Vanuatu's parliament.Before she was elected last year, there hadn't been a female MP in Vanuatu for 15 years."It was very hard to make the decision to go into parliament because ni-...
Mika Inomata (center), a municipal assembly member of Ebetsu, Hokkaido, speaks with supporters at her office. | BLOOMBERG
A small Japanese town sets new precedent for women in politics
A handful of small cities in Japan have managed to do what the rest of the country hasn’t: Elect women.Among the country’s city councils and assemblies, men held more than 80% of the total seats as of 2021. But in Ebetsu, a small city in northern...
Arab Reform Initiative
Women’s Experiences of Representation and Marginalization in Morocco
IntroductionThe trajectories of and challenges to women’s political participation in Morocco are complex. This complexity can be better understood by unpacking three dimensions for the analysis: the legal reforms, party structures, and women’s...

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A session in the Senegal Parliament, CARMEN ABD ALI / AFP

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