Jordanian women and their struggle in politics

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May 22, 2023

Jordanian women and their struggle in politics


La Prensa Latina

Amman, May 11 (EFE) – The under-representation of Jordanian women in politics hinders the measures the Hashemite kingdom applied to try and close a gender gap that has impacted its ranking in political empowerment among women worldwide.

Out of 164 countries, Jordan came in 122nd in the 2022 World Economic Forum’s survey for gender equality, a report that measures the progress on equality based on political empowerment, economic participation and educational opportunities.

"I thought that occupying a seat in parliament would make men believe in the ability of women in politics, but I was wrong and they accused me of usurping a man’s opportunity to win this seat,” deputy Safaa al-Momeni denounces.

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