Arab Women Parliamentarians Network For Equality “Ra’edat”

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Arab Women Parliamentarians Network For Equality “Ra’edat”


Women parliamentarians from the Arab States region unite to make a difference for sustainable development. While the Arab States region is at a crucial point of transition in history, gender equality and inclusion must be on the top of the region’s priorities.

Rabat, 9 February 2016 – Over 150 women parliamentarians and international organizations representatives from twenty countries gather in a regional forum in Rabat (Morocco) on 9 and 10 February, 2016 to discuss a unified agenda towards a more gender-responsive policy in the region and the inclusion of women in politics. The Forum is organized by the Arab Women Parliamentarians Network for Equality “Ra’edat”, in Arabic (Pioneers), the European Union and UN Women, in the framework of the Spring Forward for Women programme.

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