Ana Pastor elected President of the Congress of Deputies in Spain

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Ana Pastor elected President of the Congress of Deputies in Spain

The Congress of Deputies of Spain has chosen a woman, Ana Pastor, as president for the 12th Legislature last July 19. Ana Pastor, a graduate in medicine and until then Minister of Public Works and Transport of Spain and Member of Parliament for the province of Pontevedra, was elected president of the lower house on second ballot.

The result of the first vote was 169 votes for Ana Pastor, of the Popular Party; 85 votes for Patxi Lopez, of the PSOE, 71 votes for Xavier Domenech, of Unidos Podemos-En Comú Podem, 8 votes for Francesc Homs, of CDC, and 17 blank ballots.

In the second ballot, between the two candidates with more votes, Ana Pastor was elected president of the Congress of Deputies, with the support of 169 deputies, against the 155 in support of Patxi Lopez. A total of 25 deputies voted blank.

The election of the four vice presidents is done with a single vote, in which each member writes a name and they are elected respecting the number of votes. The result was as follows, from first to fourth: Ignacio Prendes, of Ciudadanos’ Parliamentary Group, with 96 votes in favor; Micaela Navarro of the Socialist Group, with 85 votes; Rosa Romero of the Popular Group, with 83 votes and Gloria Elizo of Podemos’ Parliamentary Group, with 71 votes in favor.


The secretaries of the Congress Committee for the 12th Legislature, elected in the same way as the secretaries are, from first to fourth: Alicia Sánchez-Camacho, with 111 votes; Juan Luis Gordo, with 85 votes; Marcelo Exposito, with 70 votes and Patricia Reyes, with 57 votes.