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New members of government are sworn in on Monday at a ceremony attended by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez (3rd l) and King Felipe VI (c).BALLESTEROS / EFE
Wednesday, July 21, 2021
In sweeping reshuffle, Spain’s Pedro Sánchez names younger Cabinet with more women
The Socialist leader hopes the changes will help focus on the economic recovery and smooth thorny issues such as Catalan independence before Spaniards vote in the next election. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has carried out a sweeping Cabinet...
Thursday, May 23, 2019
The day that women took over Spanish Congress
When Spanish deputy Clara Campoamor demanded women’s right to vote in a famous speech made on October 1, 1931, she was just one of three female members of Congress. Eighty-eight years after women’s suffrage was enacted in Spain, the new Congress...
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Spain's parliament leads Europe in gender-equality despite rise of far right
Spain’s new parliament, sworn in on Tuesday, has the largest share of women in any European legislature, no small achievement for a country still reinventing itself four decades after the end of a right-wing, traditionalist dictatorship. Women’s...
Thursday, May 02, 2019
Which countries in Europe have the highest proportion of women in parliament?
Do two of Europe's most recent elections signal a new trend on the continent? Recent polls in Spain and Finland have seen both countries elect record proportions of women to their respective parliaments. After a general election in Spain on Sunday,...
Thursday, May 02, 2019
Spain just elected its most feminist parliament ever
The new batch of MPs to take their seats in Spain’s Congress will include more women than ever before – almost but not quite as many as men. With all the votes counted on Monday morning, it is now clear that 46.8 percent of elected members of...
Wednesday, June 06, 2018
Majority of women in charge of new Spanish government
Spain's new Socialist government announced Wednesday a female-dominated Cabinet, including women appointed to key positions overseeing the national economy, finance and defense. The new government includes 11 female ministers and five men, as well...
Friday, July 29, 2016
Ana Pastor elected President of the Congress of Deputies in Spain
The Congress of Deputies of Spain has chosen a woman, Ana Pastor, as president for the 12th Legislature last July 19. Ana Pastor, a graduate in medicine and until then Minister of Public Works and Transport of Spain and Member of Parliament for the...
Thursday, June 02, 2016
Welcome manual for women elected municipal officials
This manual seeks to help women during their first time as a politician in their local municipality as it is a tool that will help women elected officials to carry out their role as local elected officials. This manual aims to provide women with...
Wednesday, March 16, 2016
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
iKNOW Politics' interview with the former President of the Spanish Government, J.L. Rodríguez Zapatero. Available in Spanish and English. 
Monday, November 23, 2015
iKNOW Politics Interview with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
iKNOW Politics ha entrevistado al ex Presidente del Gobierno de España, J.L. Rodríguez Zapatero. // iKNOW Politics has interviewed the former President of the Spanish Government, J.L. Rodríguez Zapatero.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Spanish politician Isabel Carrasco shot dead in Leon
A top politician in northern Spain has been shot dead in public and two women have been arrested. Isabel Carrasco, head of the provincial government in Leon and a member of the governing People's Party (PP), was shot as she crossed a footbridge....
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Violence against women in politics
Highlighting news, interviews, resources and events on violence against women in politics
Tuesday, October 23, 2012
iKNOW Politics at the 10th Congress of the Ibero-American Union of Municipal Leaders (UIM)
On October 14 through 19, Ibero-American Municipal Leaders Week: "Good Governance and Quality of Local Democracy" and the 10th Congress of the Ibero-American Union of Municipal Leaders were held in Almería (Spain), organized by the the Ibero-...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
New Gender Equality Law in Spain
The Spanish parliament approved a new gender equality law aimed to provide equality between men and women in the political and economic life of the country. It is stipulated that the law will positively affect the representation of women on...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Spain: Letters from Political Prisoners
A book of the collected writings of over 100 women who were political prisoners during Argentina’s 1976-1983 military dictatorship, a symbol of what it means to fight for freedom and justice from inside a prison, was launched in Spain. To...
Thursday, November 05, 2009
Forum of African and Spanish Women Parliamentarians
FORUM OF AFRICAN AND SPANISH WOMEN PARLIAMENTARIANS In fulfilment of Commitment Three in the Declaration from the Third Meeting of African and Spanish Women for a Better World in Niamey in May 2008 resolving “as part of the Fourth Meeting of Women...
Tuesday, July 29, 2008
María Antonia Martínez
“Inequality is so real and so deep that you are never completely satisfied. You look ahead and see that there is much to be done. Nevertheless, I am always going to live in the present and enjoy it. We have to acknowledge that in Spain, during the...
Thursday, October 11, 2007
Call For Papers: Women's Worlds 2008 Conference
We invite individuals or groups of people, as well as public and private organizations interested in the Congress themes to submit their proposals (in English or Spanish). WWMM08 will be an international platform, a global forum for researchers,...