Parties Debate Role Of Hungarian Women In Politics, Life

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Parties Debate Role Of Hungarian Women In Politics, Life

Women make up just 9 per cent of Hungarian members of parliament. In this regard Hungary ranks 122nd out of 140 countries. Upcoming parliamentary elections have sparked public discussion of the role of women in politics, family life, and in the country as a whole.

Politics Can Be Different (LMP) MP Katalin Ertsey (pictured above) publicly challenged FIDESZ politician Ildiko Gall Pelcz to debate women, their representation in government, and their role in society, after Pelcz stated the fact women are underrepresented in parliament is not a problem, and that it is simply a matter of men being more “reliable” and more “successful” in “reaching their goals” given “current societal circumstances”. Pelcz is quoted as saying “we should not be impatient, because there are some changes that will not occur in our lifetime”.

Ertsey believes the Hungarian electorate has a right to know the various parties’ stances on women’s issues such as maternity leave and the introduction of a quota for representation of women in parliament.

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