Turkish women establishing political party

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Turkish women establishing political party

Turkey's first women-only party was established on June 26 after a group of women has submitted a petition to the Interior Ministry, allowing it to participate in parliamentary elections held in 2015.

The party demands the construction of democratic political parties, transparency in election laws and a reduction of the electoral threshold to 3 percent.

Benal Yazgan, the head of the Women Party Initiative stated that what they want is to take the initiative a step further and turn it into a political party.

Regarding the parliamentary election in 2015, Yazgan said that the initiative aims to support at least two independent women candidates in parliamentary elections.

"We [KP] are not a feminist party, but an egalitarian party," Yazgan told Daily Sabah, adding that women want to have a voice in the country's problems. Yazgan stated that Turkish politics would be enriched by women's poin of view and turn its discourse into a humanitarian one. 

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