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Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Violence against women in elections in Haiti: An IFES assessment
Women comprise almost 53 percent of the population in Haiti. Yet, this numeric majority does not translate into effective political representation. Only three seats out of the 119 in the Chamber of Deputies are currently occupied by women. In the...
Friday, April 13, 2018
Women’s Organizations Feed the Constitutional Reform Process in Haiti
By Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue As part of its support for the democratic consolidation process in Haiti and the promotion of women's rights, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) supported a...
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
International IDEA promotes women political participation by providing public speaking training to female leaders in Haiti
By Marie Doucey From 23 to 30 May 2017, International IDEA organized three training sessions in oratory for Haiti’s female mayors and parliamentarians. “We loved this way of training people! It is very different from what we are used to, very deep...
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
BRIDGE Trainings on Gender & Elections, and Media & Elections in Haiti
By Marie Doucey International IDEA and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), with the support of the Swiss Confederation and USAID, organized two BRIDGE workshops in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on gender and elections and on media...
Wednesday, February 08, 2017
International IDEA Organized Haiti’s First Female Mayors National Conference
From 27-30 November 2016, International IDEA Haiti office organized a conference for the National Federation of Women Mayors of Haiti (FENAFEMH), in partnership with the South Training Institute (IFOS). For the first time in Haiti, a 30% gender...
Thursday, May 26, 2016
Calming tensions and spurring women to vote in Haiti
Back in 2006, in the lead-up to Haiti’s long-awaited general elections, Nadege Beauvil was a volunteer with Haiti’s national women’s umbrella organization, Femmes en Démocratie. It was a Saturday morning, the day before voting day, when she received...
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
BRIDGE Project Encourages Women's Voting in Haiti
Sixteen years ago the BRIDGE –Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections– project was initiated. This is a joint initiative between the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), the International...
Monday, May 05, 2014
International Consultant: Specialist on Gender and Electoral Processes, Haiti
INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANT: SPECIALIST ON GENDER AND ELECTORAL PROCESSES Location : Port-au-Prince, HAITI Application Deadline : 14-May-14 Additional Category Women’s Empowerment Type of Contract : Individual Contract Post Level :...
Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Awareness campaign for journalists on Haitian women’s quota
A useful workshop aimed at generating an understanding in the media of Haiti’s women’s quota was held on 13 June in Port au Prince. The workshop was arranged jointly by International IDEA and the Haitian committee charged with the implementation of...
Friday, May 17, 2013
Building Women’s Political Participation in Haiti
Thriving and revitalized, the city of Port-au-Prince hosted its first ever BRIDGE courses for members of the Haitian electoral management body.52 participants experienced BRIDGE for the first time during the two 5-day trainings, held back-to-back...
Thursday, March 14, 2013
Women in Politics, Haiti far ahead of the OAS countries
During the First Ordinary Session of the Council of the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM), which was held March 1, at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, DC, around the theme "Women's rights: From Law...
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Violence against women in politics
Highlighting news, interviews, resources and events on violence against women in politics
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Haiti: Haiti’s President-elect promises better protection for women and girls
Early this year, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) completed a three-month survey of Haitians made homeless by the earthquake of January 2010. The IOM’s assessment concluded over 800,000 were still living in temporary...
Monday, March 21, 2011
Democracy With Women, For Women
This publication presents an overview and brief analysis of the first round of grants issued by the UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF) in partnership with the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). Both organizations are engaged in advancing gender...
Wednesday, December 08, 2010
HAITI: Presidential and Legislative Elections - Second Round
On March 20, Haiti will hold the second round of its presidential and parliamentary elections.  The President is elected by absolute majority vote through a two-round system to serve a 5-year term.  In the Senate (Sénat) 30 members are elected by...
Saturday, April 19, 2008
Democratic Governance and Gender: Possible Linkages
This document analyzes the changes in Latin America and the relationship between democratic governance and the reform of gender inequality practices. It provides two sections that evaluate the concept of governance, and the reflection on the...