"Put women and girls at the centre of efforts to recover from COVID-19"
By Antonio Guterres,The COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone, everywhere.But it affects different groups of people differently, deepening existing inequalities.Early data indicates that the mortality rates from COVID-19 may be higher for men. But the...
Other nations have been putting women in charge. Where’s the U.S.?
By Rachel Vogelstein and Alexandra Bro,As the race for the Democratic nomination heats up, the chances of the two remaining women appear to be fading. As Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg jostle for the lead, Sens. Elizabeth Warren (...
The electable female candidate
By Claire Friedman,The electable female candidate reaches across the aisle with soft, moisturized hands. She knows how to fire a gun, but also has never held a gun, and doesn’t know what a gun is. She’s becoming a vegan, but stands behind Arby’s in...
India: Dear parties, ignore women and urban voters, face NOTA
By Smruti Koppikar,Now that Maharashtra finally has a government, it’s worthwhile revisiting the election result to pick out a few trends that were lost in the din over government formation. Three trends among many in the electoral basket stand out...
Fighting for Space
By Akshaya Annapragada,Seeing Kamala Harris, Kirstin Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, and Marianne Williamson all vying  — with different platforms — to be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States;...
A historic gender gap is possible in 2020
By Harry Enten,If President Donald Trump loses in 2020, it will be at the hands of women.While the chance of a woman winning the Democratic presidential nomination for 2020 aren't too high at this very moment, female voters seem keen on...

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