Women ran. Women won. Women changed the rules of American politics
By Kathleen Townsend,“See Jane Win” is a bracing antidote to that dreadful November election night in 2016 when women of the world watched as their champion, so close to shattering the highest glass ceiling, lost to a self-avowed assaulter. As the...
Stop asking if women are electable
By Amanda Renteria,“Electability” has become perhaps the most discussed term in all of U.S. politics, and it’s a focal point of the 2020 presidential race. Pundits, pollsters and journalists continue debating who is electable and why.Yet even though...
Thinking of running in 2020? Lessons learned from women who ran for congress in 2018
By Julie Dolan and Paru Shah,There’s a great deal of excitement leading up to the 2020 elections, in part because of the unprecedented numbers of women running for President.But candidates are also making history elsewhere, more quietly and largely...
In Tunisia, more women in office can make all the difference
By Lindsay J. Benstead,In Tunisia, 47 percent of seats in the 2018 municipal assembly elections are now held by women. This increase is due in part to a constitutionally-mandated electoral gender quota.Women are running for — and...
The inescapable challenge of talking while female
By Adrienne Green,At first, it seemed like the Democrats’ first primary debate would be an exercise in politeness. As the candidates tried to introduce themselves and their agendas to potential voters, minutes went by without so much as a small...
Democrats, it’s time to believe in women again
By Michelle Goldberg,Last Friday, at Representative James Clyburn’s fish fry in Columbia, South Carolina, I met Sharon Hamill, a 59-year-old insurance agent who was still deciding who to support in the Democratic primary. She told me she liked...

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