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Iceland's prime minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, speaks to the media at a polling station in Reykjavik on Saturday. Photograph: Halldor Kolbeins/AFP/Getty
Iceland no longer has more female than male MPs after recount
Initial election result gave women 33 seats, but total was later revised down to 30.Iceland briefly celebrated electing a female-majority parliament on Sunday, before a recount produced a result just short of the landmark for gender parity in the north Atlantic island nation.The initial vote count...
© Michael Reynolds/ AFP
From fundraising to the VP, why 2020 was a pivotal year for women in US politics
2020 was a milestone year for women in politics in the US. The country saw the highest numbers of women entering Congress and the executive in its history.Progress built on the midterm elections in 2018, and women now occupy 26.9 per cent of seats in Congress. This figure represents a 50 per cent...
© Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images via AFP
Women in Parliament in 2020: The year in review
Elections in 2020 were profoundly marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in delays and cancellations, logistical challenges for candidates and election administrators and often low turnout. Women’s leadership was frequently in the spotlight during the pandemic. The pandemic raised complex and...
Women’s groups welcome move, but say implementing it in time for Feb. 8 vote will be challenging
Somali PM reserves 30% of parliament seats for women in upcoming poll
GAROWE, Somalia, Jan 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nearly a third of Somalia's parliamentary seats will be reserved for female lawmakers in an election next month, the prime minister said, a measure long demanded by women's rights campaigners in the Horn of Africa nation.While...
Africa misses opportunity to promote equality in elections
Women make up more than half of Africa's population, but their representation in politics in the past decade has been insignificant.With a numerical significance of 52 percent against their male counterparts, women are least likely to hold political positions and exercise authority across the...
Somali women demand guarantee of 30% of parliament in 2021 election
Women's rights groups, prominent businesswomen and female politicians in Somalia are urging the country's male-dominated parliament to pass a bill reserving 30 per cent of seats for women in next year's general election.Women hold 24 per cent of the 329 seats in Somalia's lower and upper houses of...
Men and women candidates are similarly persistent after losing elections
AbstractAre women more likely to quit politics after losing their first race than men? Women’s first-time candidacies skyrocketed in the wake of the 2016 presidential election. Yet we have little sense of the long-term impact of this surge in women candidates on women’s representation writ large:...
Measuring success: Women in America's 2020 legislative elections
Executive Summary2020 marked the historic election of Vice President Kamala Harris as the first woman, first Black person, and first South Asian person to be vice president. But women’s political success in 2020 was not limited to the presidential level. After a record year for women in election...
Are women reshaping the political donor class in the USA? Money matters in the upcoming races for Governor
Within the next two years, 38 states will hold gubernatorial elections, including two states - Virginia and New Jersey – who will hold gubernatorial elections in November 2021. These elections provide multiple opportunities for women. Nine women currently serve as governor and just 44 women have...
The impact of the cost of politics on inclusive political participation in Uganda
This study applied a conceptual framework that uses a comparative and gendered approach to estimate the cost of politics, using a set of pre-identified variables regularly incurred by both candidates seeking political office and elected representatives while in office. This consideration was in...
In ranked choice elections, women win
RepresentWomen tracks women's representation and leadership in the United States and around the world to identify the "best practices" for creating a more representative government. Our research indicates that even as more women run, electoral rules and systems play a major role in determining...
Women to the rescue: The gendered effects of public discontent on legislative nominations in Latin America
Political parties act as gatekeepers, meaning that improvements in the representation of women depend on parties’ willingness to nominate women candidates. Previous research suggests that party characteristics and gender quotas largely explain women’s nominations, but overlooks the political...

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Women in Parliament in 2020: The year in review
© Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images via AFP
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A framework for developing internal gender policies for electoral management bodies

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