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Violence Against Women in Politics
For more than one year, the groundbreaking #MeToo movement and related Time’s Up initiative have broken taboos and sparked an unprecedented global conversation about the sexism, harassment and violence many women face in professional environments.Women politicians have also been saying #MeToo in...
Political Financing for Women
Money is essential for the operations of political parties, and particularly affects candidates in electoral processes. Political financing regulations can effect women’s access to run as candidates, be elected, campaign and reach out to the population. Regulations on political funding are used to...
Gender and Electoral Management Bodies in Africa
GPEC gives central importance to capacity-building of EMB for the development of a transformative and gender sensitive approach of electoral management. This is to provide African EMB with the tools and support they need to ensure the legitimacy of the process which they are responsible for,...
Fundraising strategies for women candidates
What are some strategies that women have used effectively to raise money? What makes some women very successful fundraisers? What fundraising techniques work best in different political environments (i.e.: corporate donors, direct appeal to individuals, fundraising events, etc.)? What are some...
Advocating for Quotas
What strategies have been used by women and grassroots organizations to promote the adoption and implementation of quotas? What are the main obstacles encountered by these organizations in their advocacy work?
Campaign Fundraising: How Do Women Find the Money Necessary to Run and Win?
One of the greatest issues for women running for office, and for those women deciding whether or not to run for office, is money. Women generally feel as if they have fewer financial resources and networks upon which to draw for financial campaign support. And yet women around the world are...
Kenya Election 2022: The struggle of women aspirants in marginalised communities (BBC)
Kenya Election 2022: The struggle of women aspirants in marginalised communities
Three Kenyan women from marginalised communities share their experiences running for political office in the forthcoming general election and describe how they are determined to overcome their challenges.They describe their setbacks as unique compared to what their counterparts in urban areas face....
Kenya's women in politics still fighting to get their voices heard
As Kenya prepares to vote in a new president next month, we take a closer look at the role of women in the country’s politics. In Uganda, we bring you a report on efforts to respond to a major hunger crisis in the country’s northeast. And the Ivorian artist Frédéric Bruly Bouabré is being...
Freshman members of the 116th Congress pose for a group photo on Capitol Hill November 14, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP via Getty Images)
I’m not sexist, other voters are
During the 2020 caucus cycle, I heard it a lot, the refrain of the cautious Democratic voter. I want to vote for her, but I don’t think she can win. It wasn’t, people reasoned, because they were sexist, but they worried that America was. The calculus never seemed to add up to me. Women win races...
Anne Nderitu was driven to act after witnessing Kenya's post-election violence of 2007/8. She now heads the country's office for regulating political parties. Photo: UN Women/Luke Horswell
Kenya Elections: Ann Nderitu on good governance and regulating the country's political parties
Kenya’s party primaries recently closed - a process for political parties to select candidates for the various elective seats in August’s General Election. Ann Nderitu, 47, heads Kenya’s Office of the Registrar for Political Parties (ORPP), which is responsible for registration and regulating of...
An election banner for Somali presidential candidate and former Foreign Minister Fowzia Yusuf Adam is seen in Mogadishu, Somalia May 12, 2022 [File: Feisal Omar/Reuters]
Q&A: An ambitious attempt to be Somalia’s first female president
There are a few exceptions but Somali women hardly get into politics or hold top public office in what remains a deeply conservative society. Fowzia Yusuf, one of those, speaks to Al Jazeera on seeking another first.This Sunday, Somalia is expected to hold its highly anticipated and long-delayed...
Aljazeera English
Peru presidential candidates square off in debate
Candidates in Peru's polarised presidential race have squared off in a televised debate - a week ahead of the runoff vote. Opponents of Pedro Castillo say his socialist policies will hurt the economy. Critics of conservative contender Keiko Fujimori associate her with corruption - from the time her...
Municipal elections in Canada: A guide for women candidates (FCM)
Municipal elections in Canada: A guide for women candidates
In order to promote women’s role in municipal politics, FCM has created a Standing Committee on Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Government. One of the tools this Committee has created to encourage and support more women in municipal government—including elected office—is this guide to...
Building your audience through social media (Municipal Campaign School)
Building your audience through social media
An interview featuring Kate (Oxford) talking with Alyssa Humphrey from the Social Factory.About Alyssa | Alyssa is a brand developer and digital media marketer located in Woodstock, Ontario with nine years of professional social media management, brand development and web design experience. Between...
Women in Leadership Training Manual. Credits: KAS
Women in leadership training manual (Kenya)
KAS consolidated a training manual that would be used to conduct a long-term tailored engagement on selected aspiring women politicians on effective campaign strategies leading up to elections. The training manual thus seeks to strengthen the capacities of women politicians on various strategic...
Get equipped with the skills to run for office - Credits: Women for Election
Get equipped with the skills to run for office
The Women for Election EQUIP program is Australia’s first non-partisan, online political campaign workshop. It is designed to provide in-depth, practical training for female candidates and female campaign managers in advance of Local, State and/or Federal elections in a cross-party environment....
ParlAmerica's Training guide: Promoting women's candidacies in the Americas and the Caribbean
In line with its commitment to strengthening democracy and governance in the Americas and the Caribbean, ParlAmericas carries out activities related to electoral processes and women’s political participation. With these objectives in mind, parliamentarians have joined delegations accompanying and...
8 political organizations that help women run for office in the United States
Since Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss in the 2016 election, there has been a renewed interest for women in politics and women running for politics. Emily’s List reported in March that over then thousand women reached out to them about running for office, a number bigger than the number...

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UN Women
Police training rolled out across Kenya ahead of elections
Election preparedness training has taken place in 12 counties identified as potential hotspots for electoral violence. Photo: UN Women/Mary Wanjiru
Inter-Parliamentary Union
Ahead of Kenya elections, women politicians face more online abuse
Esther Passaris, women's representative for Nairobi for the Orange Democratic Movement, on the campaign trail in this undated picture. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Photo Courtesy: Esther Passaris
UN Women
Lebanon elects record number of women to parliament
A woman takes a photograph of another standing in front of a wall of cement blocks, set up by Lebanese security forces to bar a street leading to the parliament building, Beirut, Lebanon, Jan. 24, 2020. - Joseph Eid/AFP via Getty Images
Inter-Parliamentary Union
More women and more diversity in new Australian parliament
 Voters queuing at a polling centre in Melbourne in May 2022. William WEST / AFP

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