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Enhancing women’s political participation requires commitment and proactive engagement of political parties to integrate women’s perspectives into party platforms, ensure that women have equal and safe access to voting, and that women candidates and their advancement in party structures are supported. This includes: proactive outreach to and training women candidates, active measures to prevent violence against women in politics, and providing equitable access to campaign funds and fundraising support. To act meaningfully on these areas and others, political parties can develop concrete gender equality strategies, reform policies, codes of conduct and practices, and conduct regular gender audits.


Japan: Diet to fix low rate of women in national and local politics
The Lower House moved to address the low representation of women in politics with a bill April 12 urging political parties to field male and female candidates in national and local assembly elections...
Turkish party leader urges women and young people to go into politics
Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu on Aug. 27 called on women and young people to get more involved in politics, on the second day of the ongoing “justice...
Malian MPs discuss SDGs and gender equality
Malian MPs from across all political parties gathered at an IPU seminar in Bamako, Mali, to discuss gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The seminar, which was co-organized...
Is public funding effectively increasing women’s political participation?
By Elin FalgueraToday, nearly two-thirds of the world’s countries provide political parties and/or candidates with public funding, through either monetary or indirect financial support such as...
France: Half of Macron's legislative election candidates are women
The party of French President Emmanuel Macron has unveiled the names of more than 400 candidates for the June legislative elections -- and half of them are women.At 39, Macron was sworn in on Sunday...
Canada: New Brunswick's government to give political parties financial ince...
FREDERICTON -- New Brunswick's government is winning praise for its plan -- thought to be a Canadian first -- to give political parties a financial incentive to field more women candidates.Premier...
Wanted: Female Candidates for Algeria's Parliament Quota
Algerian law requires the next parliament to be made up of 30 percent women — but political parties across the spectrum have struggled to come up with enough female candidates to fill the quota.While...
Increase women MPs or face fines, parties told in the UK
Political parties must face fines if they do not ensure at least 45% of general election candidates are female, MPs have recommended.The Women and Equalities Committee said the fact that 30% of...
Honduras NDI
Honduran Political Party Leaders Send Unified Message For Women’s Political Part...
“This battle will liberate us; we want to be involved in the decision making process. Women will not continue to be used as fillers,” declared Socorro Torres, coordinator of the Honduras Interparty...

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